Hi, there! I’m Yifei, an undergraduate at Cornell, studying mathematics and computer science. I have been working in the area of Natural Language Processing and Theoretical Reinforcement Learning, fortunate enough to have been working with prof. Yansong Feng at Peking University, prof. Wen Sun at Cornell University, and Dr. Sernam Lim at Meta AI.

My work touches on Natural Languae Processing, Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning Theory. I am most excited about providing theoretical insight into various machine learning problems so that we are confident that our algorithms can be reliable even in complicated real-world situations. I believe doing so requires a guaranteed machine learning approach and insight from how humans perceive the world. To this end, I seek to explore the concerns of modern machine learning and how it can be improved by theoretically principled algorithms.

I am a co-president of Cornell University Artificial Intelligence (CUAI). We welcome Cornell undergraduates passionate about any area of machine learning.

I am currently looking for a Ph.D. opportunity for a similar research interest.

Awards Received

Pauline and Irving Tanner Dean’s Scholarship

CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award Finalist 2023